Superhero Blaster Crochet Gloves

Crochet Superhero gloves for my hero-obsessed son!


Crochet Princess-Inspired Beanie

Hello again blog world. Life has been hectic, pretty much the same stuff as last time. House building, kid stuff (first blood tests for them both this week – testing for Coeliac disease. What fun.), and just general mayhem. Anyway, to the point, Batman! I was contacted a couple of weeks ago by a high… Continue reading Crochet Princess-Inspired Beanie

Egbert The Owl – Free Amigurumi Pattern

It’s been a jolly whirlwind of a fortnight! Mr Makeables and I have been working hard building the extension (we almost have a roof, yay!) and I’m still recovering from back-to-back colds. I am in the process of making that furoshiki tutorial- it will happen, I’m just waiting for Mr Makeables to have some spare… Continue reading Egbert The Owl – Free Amigurumi Pattern

The Authenticity of Craft – Its Not Just A Time-Waster!

“Technologies advance at break-neck speeds and the public’s desire for authenticity grows making the role of the crafts crucial for modern life.”

Eco-Friendly Christmas Wrapping: Furoshiki

CHRISTMAS!!! I love Christmas. Like, LOVE it. It’s October and I’ve already done the majority of the shopping. I’ve saved Christmas food ideas on Pinterest. I’ve started reading Master 3 Christmas books. I’ve even wrapped the majority of the presents we have already. Yes, I hear you say, we get it, you love Christmas. But… Continue reading Eco-Friendly Christmas Wrapping: Furoshiki

You can’t pour from an empty cup

Originally posted on Life, kids and a glass of red:
It’s been a while since I sat down at my laptop and tapped away. “Therapeutic typing” is how I referred to blogging. Some moments of time snatched away from the everyday stuff that always needs to be done, and refocused on me. Maybe that’s where…

Free Pattern- Howard the Dinosaur

Seeing as how my kids were down with a cold today and wanted to do nothing but watch the Angry Birds movie, I took the opportunity to put together the pattern for Howard the Dinosaur. Woot! I hope some people get use out of this, because I had to learn how to “use” Photoshop to… Continue reading Free Pattern- Howard the Dinosaur